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Biography PhotoSam  Risoli
Senior Vice President
Inflight Services

Sam Risoli is senior vice president of inflight services for United. He oversees all aspects of inflight operations, including more than 22,000 flight attendants. He also oversees administration, flight attendant scheduling, policy and procedures, service, staffing, training, and recruiting.

Prior to this role, Sam was vice president of inflight for Continental Airlines. He joined Continental in 1985 as director of inflight, Denver base with periodic responsibility for Newark, Houston, Greensboro, Dulles, Seattle, and Honolulu inflight bases, and has since held positions of increasing responsibility. He became director of inflight field operations in 1994, responsible for flight attendant scheduling, and the administration and negotiation of the IAM contract. From 1996 to 1999 he was senior director of inflight field operations which included all flight attendants, base operations, service, policy and procedures, and the administration and negotiation of the IAM contract.

Sam began his career in aviation in 1977 at Frontier Airlines as a flight attendant. He held various positions at Frontier including manager of inflight services, inflight supervisor and the administration of the AFA contract.

Sam received his bachelor’s degree in distributive education from Colorado State University. He is married with two children.